Rallies and Retreats

​​Youth Retreats

Youth Rallies

Every year the Sunset Youth Group has the opportunity to travel to different towns across eastern New Mexico and west Texas to participate in area wide youth rallies. . Below are some of the youth rallies we regularly attend. 

August 21: TCC (Denver City, TX)

September 17: Carlsbad Youth Rally (Carlsbad, NM)

October 16: Monahans Youth Rally (Monahans Sand Hills, TX)

November 6: Andrews Youth Rally (Andrews, TX)

December 4: Sherwood Youth Rally (Odessa, TX)

January 8: Seminole Youth Rally (Seminole, TX)

January 21: Velocity (Lubbock, TX)

April 9: Hobbs Youth Rally (Hobbs, TX)

The Sunset Youth Group gets to travel to different youth retreats every year. A youth retreat is typically an event where we will stay over night and spend a weekend worshiping God and learning about a specific topic. We go to 2 youth retreats a year every year and sometimes we will go to more. The 2 youth retreats that we will go to every year are listed below. 

November 11-13: Pecos Valley Retreat at Mountain View Christian Camp

January 13-16: Winterfest in Arlington, Texas

February 17-19: Shine Like Stars at Mountain View Christian Camp